As native plant sales increase in these times of drought and water restrictions, Waxflower makes for an ideal addition to your current range of native flower and foliage plants.

Waxflower (Chamaelaucium) is native to Western Australia and was originally called Geraldton Wax. Over the last 20 years, there has been intensive Waxflower breeding programmes in WA. Initially this focused breeding was concentrated on the needs of the cut flower industry – but many outstanding Waxflower hybrids have since been developed with a wide variety of applications for use in the home garden and commercial landscape sector.

The range of new Waxflower varieties available from Helix Australia have been selected for unique and superior colour forms, new flower formation (e.g. double blooms), bi-colour flower selections and overall improved vigour and disease resistance.

Helix Australia will continue to work with our Waxflower breeding specialists to bring an ongoing supply of new and exciting Waxflower hybrids to interest and excite both your retail garden centre and commercial landscape clients.

Helix Australia will also, via trade and consumer public relations programmes, raise the profile and awareness of Waxflower and its application and use for both home gardeners and commercial landscape clients.

Visit our web site regularly to stay abreast of new developments in the introduction and promotion of new Waxflower varieties available from Helix Australia's stable of licensed growers.