Waxflower is now one of the most popular filler flowers in the global flower trade. Florists, designers and event planners value Waxflower for it range of both soft and bold colours as well its unique shapes, textures and bloom size.


Waxflower can be used as a filler flower mixed with traditional flowers such as Lilies, Tulips and Roses. It can also be used with other traditional Australian native flowers such as Banksia, Dryandra, Kangaroo Paw and Riceflower.

Designed en masse, Waxflower also displays superbly when used as the feature flower in large vase arrangements. Stem lengths of 50-80cm are possible with the range of Helix Australia Waxflower varieties and make a stunning display when designed one variety per vase and multiple vases used in large scale event venues.


There are a wide variety of merchandising options to maximise the retail sales profile of Waxflower.

Waxflower lends itself to large massed retail displays. Place 10-15 bunches of the same Waxflower variety in a bucket. Group multiple buckets together for a massed / blocked colour affect. Display complimentary colours of other flowers with your Waxflower retail display. E.g. white lilies, white roses, and white tulips with Waxflower Chantilly Lace. Pink roses, pink gerbera, and pink hydrangea with Waxflower Dancing Queen. Red roses, red hippeastrum and red celosia with Waxflower My Sweet 16.

Price your Waxflower to encourage multiple unit sales – e.g. $7.50 per bunch or 3 bunches for $20.

Waxflower also displays and merchandises very well in a vase display in your retail flower shop – or presents well in a retail price per stem display. Again, merchandise complimentary colour flowers with your Waxflower display and be sure to include some pre made flower bouquets featuring Waxflower to provide design suggestions for your clients. Be sure to offer multiple price offers for a Waxflower by the stem programme. E.g. $2/stem or 3 stems for $5.

Today's discerning retail flower consumer also likes to learn the names of specific varieties of flower. Be sure to include the variety name in your Waxflower point of sale signage e.g. Waxflower Raspberry Ripple, Waxflower My Sweet 16, Waxflower Moonlight Delight.

Post Harvest

  • Remove bottom leaves if present, recut stems under water and place into a fresh flower food solution. The addition of potassium chloride at 750 ppm to vase solutions can help to extend vaselife, probably through improvements in internal water balances.
  • Dry storage and/or shipping induced water stresses can induce ethylene formation and the resulting ethylene-induced damages. Therefore proper hydration steps must be taken and anti-ethylene treatments can reduce water stressed induced problems. Ethylene absorbing packets placed in boxes can reduce flower and leaf fall during transit.