harvest instructions

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Harvest Instructions:

Low nitrogen fertilisation during production results in poor leaf color and contributes to leaf fall during transit while optimum nitrogen levels can increase vaselife. Depending on species and cultivar, harvest when 40-80% of the flowers are open.

The range of new Waxflower varieties from Helix Australia will provide a much needed sales injection for current and prospective Waxflower growers. Global flower markets constantly seek new and improved flower forms and price returns for new Waxflower varieties from Helix Australia will typically be higher than older out dated Waxflower varieties supplied to the key flower markets of Europe, Japan and USA.

Visit the Helix Australia web site regularly for updates on new Waxflower varieties and promotional initiatives from Helix Australia's innovative marketing program which has been designed to lift sales and exposure for Waxflowers across the world's discerning flower consumers.